Tin Tin
Chinese Restaurant
489 Johnson St,
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
(570) 823-2882
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Main Menu

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Fortune Cookies


Free-- Egg Roll

Free-- Chicken Fried Rice(Sm)

Free-- General Tso Chicken


Free-- Pork Fried Rice(Sm)

Free-- Sesame Chicken

Free-- Shrimp Egg Rolls (1)


Free--2 Little Soda

Free--Crab Rangoon

Free--Sweet & Sour Checken(Sm)


Free--Veg. Egg Rolls (2)

Free--Vegetable Fried Rice(Sm)

Fried Noodles


S01 Hawaii Five O

Shrimp, lobster, chicken, beef, pork & mixed vegetables

S02 Seafood Pan Fried Noodle

Chinese noodles fried on both sides to form a crispy base for flavorful mixture of shrimp & lobster meats & scallop.

S03 Szechuan Scallop

Scallop, broccoli, green pepper, bamboo shoots, carrot, water chestnuts, snow peas & baby corn. (Spicy)

S04 Spicy Triple Delight

Chicken, shrimp, pork, broccoli, celery, carrot, fungus, bamboo shoots, green pepper & mushroom. (Spicy)

S05 Crispy Sesame Chicken

Slice chicken fried until golden brown sautéed with chef's special sesame sauce. (Spicy)

S06 Happy Family

Combination of seafood, meat & Chinese vegetable in brown sauce.

S07 Beef with Scallop

Beef & scallop with vegetable.

S08 General Tso's Chicken

Chunks of boneless chicken sautéed with chef's special sauce. (Spicy)

S09 Seafood Delight

Shrimp, lobster, scallop & crab meat with veg.

S10 Shrimp with Scallop

Shrimp & scallop with vegetable

S11 Home Made Bean Curd

Sliced bean curd deep, fried until golden brown in a hot delicate sauce. (Spicy)

S12 Hunan Combo

Sliced tenderloin of beef, breast of chicken & jumbo shrimp sautéed, then simmered with baby corn & snow peas in rich broth. (Spicy)

S13 House Special Duck

Shrimp, chicken, roast pork cooked with vegetable & crispy duck.

S14 General Tso's Shrimp


S15 Sesame Shrimp


S16 Walnut Chicken


S16 Walnut Shrimpt


S17 White Meat General Tso's Chicken


SP1 Chicken Wings


SP2 Fried Shrimp


SP3 Fried Scallop


SP4 Boneless Spare Ribs


SP5 Chicken Nuggets


SP6 Fried Crabmeat Sticks


SP7 Fried Fish


SP8 Half Chicken


Tea Bag


White Rice (Lg)


White Rice (Sm)


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